we made an application of ISO9000 version 2000 and QS9000 which will be audited by TUV.


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About us

   Longhu factory of Hardware and electronic equipment Pudong new area ,Shanghai was established in 1995. In Pudong new district, the factory is the only one whose mainly business is casting impregnation of something made of metals for customers.
    Impregnation process, widely used in non-ferrous metal casting and application field, has great effect in increasing density, thinning down the microstructure, leakage proof in various castings which works under pressure. It is a necessary process in the production of non-ferrous metal casting, automobile, pneumatic and hydraulic system, valve, and air-condition products.
    There are many non-ferrous foundries in China. In the past, most of the foundries scrapped the parts which had leakage problem. After reforming and opening to oversea countries, more foreign companies invested in China. Many domestic foundries learned the impregnation process which can bring them big profits.
    Our factory is located in the center of Pudong new district, closed to main avenues of Pudong, adjoining Mid Huaxia Road and Luoshan Road. The traffic there is very convenient. It has an area of 3,000 Square meters. We have a full set of impregnation equipments and a modernized management system. We use strict rules and procedures to ensure the production running effectively.
    To improve our management ability and skills, we made an application of ISO9000 version 2000 and QS9000 which will be audited by TUV. The audits are in process now.

    Typical parts for impregnation
*Cylinder block of engine *Various Valve
*Housing of compressor and gear box *Pneumatic parts
*Hydraulic pump housings *Other parts working under pressure

    The Aim of our service
Thinking what customers think, doing what customers need. Provide high quality, punctual delivery and excellent service to customer with competitive prices.

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